This website was made with the intention about bringing people to places theyv'e dreamed about or never thought they'd get to. The objective is to explore new places and understand our world, learn about other cultures by speaking their language, and experiences that enrich everyone's lives.

The founder of this site Bill Cook did just that in the late 90s and boy did he walk the walk. He literally walked miles and had some great experiences along wht way in teaching his students English in South America. He also put his footprints and collected some passport stamps while in western Europe.

It was truly an experience you'll never forget and one you sometimes one want to do again with the right tools and resources and that's where this site attempts to help.

We provide students, teachers, and travelers everywhere with reliable, comprehensive travel information from various sources which include national and foreign governments, non-profit organizations, geologists, professors, language schools, and travel opportunities.

Do you want to become a polyglot and learn another language or two (or three, four, five...)? If Yes, then browse the schools section and decide on one to learn French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, etc.

Since we encourage people to travel, you need to know that more natural resources are being used than ever before so we have provided some Environmental Organizations for donations or to volunteer and create a positive impact.

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