Teach abroad programs are avilable in China, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Instructors can expect to teach grade school students as well as college level students. The amount of English classes taught daily varies but it's usually anywhere from 3 and 5. Instructors seeking a paid position should begin by submitting their application fee together with a program fee which takes care of job placement, on-site guidance to new surroundings lasting a week (TEFL programs, visiting famous places, transportation to sponsoring institution), preparation and scheduling, manual, ESL teaching guide, visa help and support, housing or room and board, travel insurance plans). Financial compensation ranges based on experience.
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English instructor trainingTeach Away has numerous opportunities in the field of teaching in Asia, beginning with ESL jobs, to teaching English abroad in various school settings, to administrative and principal jobs. Institutions that have partnered with Teach Away consist of important educational boards, top international and private schools, specialized ESL schools, vocational schools, and Ministries of Education. Every year thousands of teachers and administrators attempt to go overseas and work at educational facilities.
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Position available in: Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Cambodia, India, Laos, Macau, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Maldives
Greenheart Travel has a joint agreement with the Ministry of Education in certain countries to provide teaching positions for native English speakers who have a passion to teach, interests in interacting between two different cultures along with adventure!
Many positions are for teaching English in public schools. Their program in South Korea is a smart way to see the whole world firsthand, discover more about another culture and earn income during one's stay. Moreover, teachers may be able to save some serious coin ranging from 5,000 to upwards of 15,000 $USD annually. Other countries available are China, Japan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam.
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Teach English Abroad in Phuket or Bangkok, Thailand, China South Korea, or Japan and change your life! Get trained and certified in 30 to 60 days to teach in major international Asian cities or rural locations worldwide. Teaching positions in "The Land of Smiles" have contracts that generally last up to one year. Options include teaching business professionals in their company offices to children in private schools. It's also worth noting that teachers from quality TEFL training programs may receive preference.
on-site training in: Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Thailand (Pattaya), and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

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Featuring programs in 20 countries worldwide, go on an adventure of a lifetime by teaching English during your stint overseas. Dedicated to delivering superb training programs is what InterExchange stands for. opportunities available in China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.
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There are significantly more English teaching positions in destinations such as Phuket or Bangkok, China than there are qualified teachers. There is a requirement that each state school have on staff a minimum of one native speaking English instructor, and a substantial amount of schools just aren't able to find one, since the marketplace is weighted strongly in favor of the teacher.
Thailand - Phuket, Ban Phe, Chiang Mai
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh
China - Shanghai, Zhuhai, Beijing
Japan - Tokyo
Phillipines - Cebu
Indonesia - Surabaya
Nepal - Kathmandu
jet programme

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program, which is backed by its government, is designed to encourage foreign exchange and increase English learning in Japan and further relationships among  Japanese youth and people worldwide.  Going all the way back to the 90s, more than 2000 instructors are selected on an annual basis from 41 countries in the JET program which is also happens to be the world biggest teaching exchange program. Those who pass the qualification requirements will become Assistant Language Instructors assigned to a specific school out of 18 cities in Japan. Those chosen for the program can expect to earn approximately annual compensation of $45,000.

The JET program has a couple more positions that are under publicized yet they do have more requirements. The first is an Advisor in their Sports program as a Sports Exchange Advisor (SEA) and the second is as a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR). A person who is a Sports Exchange Advisor provides help with sports training and organizing sports activities. To get selected as a Sport Exchange Advisor, you must have excelled in a particular sport (golf, tennis, swimming, etc.), have experience in coaching along with a recommendation letter from the National Olympic Committee (NOC) or a government agency. As a CIR, you'll engage in discussions with local government agencies or pertinent offices and logically will need to have a higher level of understanding and communicating in the Japanese language.
Non-U.S. applicants apply at this site: http://www.jetprogramme.org/e/aspiring/countries.html

world teach logo WorldTeach was created by Harvard students in the 80s and can still be found at Harvard University. Their purpose is to fulfill the educational necessities of developing countries while nurturing them to become responsible citizens locally and internationally. Bachelor's degree are necessary for those wanting to stay one year or a semester. Out of all their jobs available, English teaching positions are a good bulk of the jobs offered but it's based mostly on the country. For instance, there may be situations where one will need to teach math, science, modern technology, or health and reproductive education.

Reasons to Get a Job In Asia

Globalization has never been stronger with China becoming a superpower in the world. This connection will proceed to draw economies and governments near and far closer together in just about every manner. The one remaining obstacle is understanding the language.

Will I be able to teach English without a degree? The answer is yes for China as long as you're a TEFL course graduate because of their huge demand. Other countries where people who do not have a four-year degree can be taught are Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Philippines, and Vietnam. While in other Asian countries like Japan, Korea or Thailand, even though you have a TEFL certificate, not graduating college will not get you into a school. However, you are able to teach independently but only do so if the law allows.

Isn't it a problem that I don't speak any Asian language? Not really. The most effective method to learn a foreign language is for students to learn from a native speaker of that language. This type of immersion helps the students to grasp the lessons and acquire the common everyday slang, metaphors, and expressions from the teacher. As a result, the demand for native English teachers in Asia is very high to teach adults and children.

China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and several other Asian countries sponsor thousands of teachers every year for an opportunity to teach, as well as experience the cultural places of interest you've only dreamed about seeing.

Make it an Adventure

Visit some of the most amazing places in southeast Asia such as Heylong Bay in Vietnam. This is famous area for tourists due to its limestone isles in various shapes and sizes

terractta warriors The terracotta warriors are a must-see in China. Were you aware there are not only warriors, but also fmailies and chariots. No one warrior is made the same so there are 8,000 unique statues.

Bamboo Forest in Japan The Bamboo forest is also a popular attraction in Japan for those who take a job teaching there.

Special Deals

If you need training or certification to feel comfortable in front of a classroom of 15-25 students? Enroll in a course with International TEFL Academy.

Respect The Profession

Keep in mind that as an instructor in Asia, your respect is immediate and comparable to that of a medical doctor. So, please show you honor the teaching profession and not belittle it. In some cases, disrespect for cultural customs may be subject to criminal punishment in local jurisdictions.


What to See in Asia

Explore Buddhist pagodas, relax in open-air pubs, meander through colorful floating markets. Visit the Buddhist pagodas, sit back and unwind in outdoor bars, or think of yourself on a reality TV show and eat some barbecued spiders.

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