Travel abroad to work, and teach English in Africa and become part of their local community, whether in famous Morocco or a local town. The CIEE Teach in Africa program puts qualified instructors like you in paid semester or annual jobs teaching English at primary or secondary schools in urban or rural locations. Wherever you educate students in Africa, you will get the chance to learn the local customs, share your own lifestyle, and enjoy new adventures that make it extremely hard to take the smallest things in life for granted.
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UofT The University of Texas at Austin features programs in Ghana, Botswana and Cape Town, South Africa. Students can select to spend the summer, or 4 weeks abroad. Longhorn students will come back with an enriching education and adventure.
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Provider of undergraduate programs in Cameroon, Madagascar, Senegal, Uganda, Cape Town, South Africa, and Tanzania. Terms for courses abroad are available in the fall, winter, spring, summer, or a full year.
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Offers study abroad courses in South Africa, Senegal, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, and Benin. Education abroad programs are available to existing undergraduates at Penn State looking for a great experienc enhance their cultural knowledge.
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Once the spring or summer semester comes around several opportunities for students to study abroad is offered by Department of Afroamerican and African studies. Locations include Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana.
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Questions & Answers

cheetahs in the grass in South Africa Stay tuned for some in-depth questions and answers about Africa and countries that will be beneficial while you study and what you will come away with. Africa has some of the most scenic landscapes on the biggest continent one earth. Its natural beauty and wildlife alone are enough to keep you occupied apart from your studies.

How to Study Abroad for Free? Qualify for a Scholarship

With the help of certain academic departments and schools, scholarships can be found. Traditionally they are given to juniors or seniors. Yet freshmen and sophomore students may want to seek out more advice and information from their designated department major as they may be given to first and second year students.

A supplemental application may be necessary for freshmen seeking a scholarship. Check out our international scholarship section for more information

Studying in Africa

The largest continent, Africa, attracts people from around the world for viewing its spectacular sites and terrain. If you are considering where to study, give the most culturally and ethnically diverse country in Africa a chance, South Africa. Always research customs and safety before you go.

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Top 10 Places to See in African Speaking Countries

Africa is very popular for many reasons such as its natual beauty, majestic mountains, and wildlife. Places to strongly consider are Senegal, Morocco, Ivory Coast, and Madagascar. South Africa is worth a mention as well.

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