language course in Amman, Jordan and Morocco Offers courses to learn Arabic in Amman, Jordan and Tetouan, Morocco. The class is held in the popular areas of the city.
Includes 4 hrs/day or more in a classroom environment, excursions with less than 5 students.
Accreditation: Instituto Cervantes
Academic credit: Yes, through Brookhaven College
Accommodation: Homestay (no Male homestays in Jordan) or shared/private apartment.
Duration: 2 weeks or more
Prices: from $570 and up
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study foreign language America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc. (AMIDEAST) is a private American nonprofit organization focused on global education, teaching, and aiding in development.

The goal is for students to acquire a language and professional expertise in Arabic to have success in the community and worldwide economy.

Locations: Amman, Cairo, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, & Tunisia
Duration: semester, full year, or summer
Class size: 15-35 students
Lessons per week: varies
Accreditation:  Yes
Academic credit: 5 to 17 credits
Accommodation: Private apartment, or hotel
Costs: $12,970 per semester
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home languageHLI offers students a Arabic language program in Cairo, Egypt and Dubai, UAE. All ages are eligible for private language instruction in the teacher's home.
All teachers a four-year BA degree or a teaching certificate.
Lessons per week: 10 to 30 hours
Accreditation:  ABLS, UNOSEL, ALTO
Academic credit: No
Accommodation: Homestay
Add-on Activities: Language + culture
Costs: from $1,170 USD / week

Language Booking provides an arabic course based on the Yemeni dialect created for high school and college students, adults,
Pricing improves when more weeks are booked and they offer a "best price guarantee"
Course locations: Yemen
Levels: general or basic.
Duration: 1 week to 52 weeks
Class size: 5 to 9
Lessons per week: 1 -9
Accreditation:  Yes, too many to list
Academic credit: ???
Accommodation: school residence.
Costs: from $86 per week includes accommodation

Provides access to Arabic language programs in multiple French Language international schoolscountries.
Course locations: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, & Yemen.
More than 100 courses for different fluency levels from basic, general, intermediate, through intensive. Classes are group, small group, and private lessons. Courses designed for ages 4 and older.
Duration: 1 week to 52 weeks
Class size: 1 to 10 students
Lessons per week: 5 to 30 hours
Accreditation:  Yes, too many to list
Academic credit: Yes, for some schools
Accommodation: Host family, shared student housing or private apartment, hotel.
Start dates: Every Monday
Costs: from $65 per week. ( much less for 4 weeks or more)
Arabic Language international schools Hedayet believes in building a bridge of understanding and appreciation among the East and the Western cultures by providing Arabic language programs in multiple countries.
Course locations: in Maadi near Cairo, Egypt.
Courses designed for all ages.
Duration: 1 week to 52 weeks
Class size: 1 to 8 students
Lessons per week: 4 to 20 hours
Accreditation:  Yes,
Academic credit: Yes, up to 17 credits per semester
Accommodation: shared or private apartment
Start dates: Every Monday
Costs: Depends on hours. contact school.

Quick Facts

Often a person who speaks Arabic will answer most conversational questions such as ("How are you?" "How was the trip?", etc) initially with "Praise be to God…" ("...I am good." " was fine."...). In Arabic this translates to, "Al Hamdu lillaah…"

"Latifah" in Arabic means "friendly, pretty, gentle"

"Hassan" means "handsome, good"

"Shaquille" means "well-formed, handsome"

Arabic Farewells: "Ma'a Salaamah" ("go with safety"), and "Allaah Ma'aak" ("God be with you")


Is Arabic hard to learn?
The answer to that is yes and no. A lot of variables can make it easy or difficult. Arabic will be easy to learn if you know how to speak Hebrew, and it is hard if you are a native speaker of a romance language like Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and English. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic have been labeled as "category 3" languages by the U.S. State Department's Foreign Service Institute which means it is extremely difficult for native English speakers to become fluent. Yet, there are native-English speakers who are fluent.

For that reason, based upon one's native language, and how they fair when learning another language, Arabic may be a very challenging language to master. Having said that, there are many native English speakers who have attained fluency in Arabic. You simply have to devote considerably more time and energy into studying Arabic as opposed to an Indo-European language. The will and desire to learn and attain a goal will get you there with persistence.

The Arabic alphabet does come across as overwhelming while the standard Chinese language lacks an alphabet altogether. Everything becomes easier with practice.

What's the best way to learn Arabic?
An intensive language program is optimal and recommended as you are living in the environment day in and day out, learning little idiosyncracies of people, possible slang and nuances you'll likely never experience in a classroom not based in the country you want to learn the language from.


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