Their "Teach Abroad" program can help get trained instructors a paid position in Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Peru, South Korea, Spain, Thailand or Vietnam. The requirements vary widely based on the preferred location. For instance, the monthly stipend, pre-departure language fluency level and teaching experience, number of students and weekly hours expected to work. Depending on the program, inexperienced instructors are given the opportunity to get TEFL certification prior to departure or perhaps gain it with standard language instructional classes in the destination country. Each of the programs features an on-site orientation, travel insurance coverage, TEFL courses, access to communicate with fellow employees, housing for at least the first portion on the program and satisfactory pay towards the cost of living.
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English instructor trainingTeach Away provides a large selection of international teaching jobs for certified or trained instructors, college lecturers, and ESL teachers. All of the teaching jobs offered are with trusted and established academic institutions that have been diligently selected and evaluated to make certain that teachers are put in positions with above industry standard salaries, while also being mutually rewarding. Available in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Guyana.
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BridgeTEFL is the leading provider of TEFL/TESOL courses in the United States. With over 25 years training teachers, their staff has, in fact, truly taught English worldwide. Language training centers are in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile.
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Make a whole new network of friends and colleagues as you become certified to teach English as a foreign language. Get your certification and be placed into a paid teaching position in South America. Position available for certified English instructors to teach in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.
Benefits include a paid salary, free furnished studio apartment, 30+ days of paid vacation, one-month's severance pay, medical insurance, flight allowance.
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For college students or adults seeking to teach English abroad, a world leader in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certification courses. Option to register for an online course or take the TEFL/TESOL course in the following South American cities:
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Santiago, Chile
Arequipa, Peru

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An instructor's weekly schedule will for the most part entail 18-20 classroom hours. Apart from time teaching in the classroom environment, instructors are supposed to dedicate some time towards course preparation, grading lessons, staff meetings as well as outside activities associated to the school work. As a whole, it comes to around 35–40 hours every week. A teacher's salary can be raised if they have the skill-set to teach math and/or science.
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With more than 20 years and among the leaders in providing some of the highest quality TEFL training offered, International TEFL Teacher Training is an ideal choice. By offering the convenience of an online teacher training course, or a combined online and in-class courses, they will continue to remain as one of the leading providers of TEFL training. Classroom courses are available in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Natal, Brazil.

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International TEFL Academy

Past students share their experience with the company .

Jobs in South America

Do I need to have a college degree to teach in South America?
From our research, only four countries will allow you to teach English with a degree. They are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Uruguay.

When is the best time to look for a job in South America?
Since the school year starts in late January, hiring will done in mid-to-late November, December, and early January for the beginning of the next semester. It's recommended to arrive before January if possible.

Can I go to South America before being hired as a teacher?
Yes, in fact, you can contact the local school before leaving and they may hold a spot for you upon arrival. Don't expect 30-40 hours right off the bat. They tend to ease you into their system to see how much you can handle at first. With some language schools you'll have morning lessons and lessons at night with business executives as they come home from work at 7 or 8 pm.

Does the school arrange or pay for my flight, VISA or accommodations?
Not many employers in any South American country will pay for flights, accommodation or even visas.

How much can I expect to earn?
The money you make should be enough to cover your living expenss which includes rent, food, and some night life entertainment. It will range from $800-$1200 USD.

You Should Be Able to Answer these Questions from the School

" What experience do you have as a teacher?"
"Which age groups do you enjoy working with the most? "
" How would a typical lesson run in your class?"

Special Deals

Need training? Get started with International TEFL Academy and get $200 OFF, when you enroll for a classroom or online course before December 15th.

What to expect

Be advised that teaching in South American schools demands patience and designing course material that challenges the student and maintains their interest especially in public schools. Private schools may have their own syllabus you'll need to follow and can occasionally supplement it with kearning material that is proven effective.

A TEFL certification and being a native English speak can go a long way and earn you a nice income to live pretty well. while getting a job here from just being a fluent English teacher is enough, it is worth going the extra mile to obtain a certificate as it could mean the difference in receiving $500USD additional per month.

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