English instructor trainingTeachAway has long been a leader in placing teachers with fine institutions overseas. Some of the job perks for teachers include things such as full health insurance for members of your family, a flight ticket to the host country and back, plus a flight home during their summer break, a bonus check when you re-sign, education stipend and no-cost tuition for families with children. It is worth considering since a salaried position in the UAE is tax-exempt. Abu Dhabi, UAE ,Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Bahrain, Lebanon are the perfect opportunity.
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Offers a wide selection of schools and locations for certified English instructors to teach and volunteer overseas within Europe, Asia, and South America.
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With the flexibility to teach in the UAE and neighboring middle-eastern countries which feature higher than normal pay, it is no wonder students and adults are seeking teaching opportunities in these countries. Being certified to teach English is the one of the first steps to access these cities like Doha in Qatar or in Saudi Arabia.
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English language learning is very popular throughout society in lands far and near. Numerous job opportunities exist for those who are prepared to travel to another country and be employed in a rewarding and respected position as a teacher. Regardless if you intend to continue a career in education, have a desire for helping others, teaching English overseas could possibly be the ideal calling for your future goals!.
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Special Deals

Need training? Enroll in with a prestigious program for beginning or advanced level teachers and get a discount when you enroll for a classroom or online course before December 15th.

Instructor's Life

In the middle east, teachers can make a very good salary from $3,000-$6,000 (for experienced teachers) it can be challenging just like any school but if you're expecting extremely attentive students this may be the wrong region. Expect cultural differences but that is the one of the major points of going to learn another culture.

What to See in Middle East

Where to begin your tours depends on where your flight lands. Let's satrt with with obvious and visit Cairo, Egypt, Petra, Jordan (the picture), Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Tel Aviv to name a few.

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