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Scholarships Available for Undergraduates to Study Overseas

The decision to study abroad from your country of origin is unquestionably difficult to make. Being far from your friends and family and to live and survive in a crowd of strangers in a completely different environment is rather tough and nerve-racking. When you add-in all the cultural differences and truly moving outside your comfort level, the biggest dilemma for many actually turns out to be the cost of studying abroad.

The issue of paying for education in a different cuntry becomes a mental and emotional hurdle for the student. However, making yourself fit in as an international student is not at all easy but if you have the will power to do so, then nothing can really stop you. Cultural and environmental differences are lessened automatically after a while, and as for the financial obstacles, scholarships are always available. You just have to know where to look.

Financial aid certainly helps a lot of students to survive abroad and add to their quality education. Getting your undergraduate degree is a very crucial step towards increasing your knowledge and career opportunities for a brighter future. However, choosing the best higher education institution that promises you an amazing and remarkable career ahead is a complicated task.

International institutions who grant you the opportunity are putting forth a great investment in you so always follow rules and customs while abroad to represent your country honorably. And if your applications does not show your are in financial need and you are able to afford it then this is certainly nothing to worry about.

Scholarships are one of the leading forms of financial assistance available to students who wish to study abroad. Below we have listed a few types of scholarships which you can apply for at your college to make your study abroad semester or year easier and more affordable.


1. Zonta International:
Working for the rights, well-being and professional status of women, Zonta International provides two scholarship programs. However the Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship awards scholarships to women gaining business management education at undergraduate or master's level. To apply for this scholarship you must first become a member of the Zonta club. This is worth it, as the scholarships range is between US$1,000 at the regional level and US$7,000 for international studies.

2. Presidential Scholarship:
This scholarship ranges from $1,000 - $5,500 (per semester) and $11,000 for the full academic year. The number of these particular scholarships given per year varies by institution and is also available for first time freshman students who are entering the fall semester. The recipients for this scholarship are chosen by the International Office based upon their SAT and ACT scores. It is renewable based upon the performance of the student's academic record.

3. BAU International Scholarship:
This amazing new scholarship program from BAU promises to provide 100% tuition coverage for up to 300 undergraduate and graduate students. The undergraduate scholarship programs include; Political Science, Economics, International Relations, and Finance. The restriction to this scholarship is its fields of study and its location. It is available to you only if you intend to study in the United States so you need to be quick on this one because this amazing offer is only available to students until the 1st of August.

4. International Excellence Scholarship:
The number of International Excellence Scholarship is limited to four scholarships per year and is equivalent to $2500 per semester and $5000 for the academic year. This scholarship is available for first-time freshman students who enter the institution during the fall semester. The applicants must have remarkable SAT and ACT scores of 1200 or 27 respectively to apply for this scholarship. The recipients are chosen through the International Office. This Scholarship is renewable if the student continues their education with academic results no less than outstanding and at the top of their class.

5. AIST Ronald E. Lincoln Memorial Scholarship USA:
AIST invites students to apply for their scholarship if they desire to study in a South American college or university. It offers the students up to $3,000 per one year for undergraduate degree. The minimum GPA of the applicant must be 2.5 to achieve this wonderful opportunity. The scholarship is awarded if you wish to study materials science, electrical, mechanical, industrial, chemical, and environmental and computer engineering as majors.

6. The Anglo-Jewish Association Scholarship:
The Anglo-Jewish Association (AJA) is a leading grant making organization that focuses exclusively on assisting Jewish students in financial need to continue their advanced educatioanal endeavors for a full-time university degree in the United Kingdom

7. The Turkish Coalition of America (TCA)
provides certain students up to 100 international scholarships. They are reserved for African American, Latin American, and Native American students who select Turkey as their destination to continue their studies. Scholarships from TCA start at $500 on up to $2,000 for each student.

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