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Rentals in Paris, France

By Marie Peyre

paris apartment rentals

If you are planning a trip abroad to Paris, France you will more than likely need a place to stay. to rent an apartment in Paris for a few days, two-weeks and up to 90 days, for vacation or for business, you should know the process of getting a rental in Paris for short-term or an extended stay. The process to do so is not as transparent as one might think. A number of things need to be planned before you make this journey to "vive le France".

What Areas to Live in Paris?

To get a real taste of life in Paris, a comfortable apartment will allow you to fully appreciate the customary and traditional aspects of the chosen district, its monuments, parks, galleries, cafes, boulangeries, and restaurants. The city of Paris is separated by districts known as "arrondissements". There are a total of 20 altogether. A popular district among locals and travelers is the 7th arrondissement, which borders the Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) and Seine river to the Musee d'Orsay.

The historical area of Paris, runs from the 1st to the 8th district, and the Montmartre district ; "la vie en rose" is conveniently nearby within walking distance. The most sought after districts are certainly "Le Marais"," St. Germain", St. Michel (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th districts), then the Louvre and Beaubourg les halles (1st et 2nd districts), followed by the Invalides and the Champs-Elysees (7 et 8th districts), and of course the great Montmartre district, above the 18th district.

In the St. Germain district, you will enjoy the taste of various "French patisseries" in the famous bakeries, the fresh fruits and vegetables from the street market, and will admire the windows of the art galleries in the neighborhood. Let's not leave out the popular area along the Seine river which is a highly desirable location by a majority of travelers and locals. The reason for this is the magnificent view you will get along with more privacy since there is not an adjacent building obstructing your view.

Most rental locations in high demand come with a higher price and this is true for this area, along with several rental areas in the heart of Paris. For more affordable apartments you should search within the interior parts of the city, not near the beautiful Seine. This makes logical sense if you are going to spend brief time there or only just sleep there so why pay a good sum of money on an expensive accommodation.

What is the Average Rental Price?

While it is true one can secure an apartment rental in Paris at a fair and affordable price, it may not offer a luxurious accommodation. In a way, that can be looked upon positively as your purpose is to allot a bigger percentage outside enjoying the great city of Paris. You will find apartment rentals in Paris available in multiple disticts. Like most tourist places, the prices will vary greatly, and they will definitely be influenced by how long you intend to stay and the quantity of people who will be residing in the apartment.

Rent a quality furnished apartment, find the accommodation of your choice in a nice district, in a picturesque, bustling or quiet street, a functional and conveniently furnished studio, something cheap enough to enjoy recreation, shows, entertainment, walks and charms of Paris.

For stays of one-night in Paris, rentals costs range from 80-to-90 euros per night for a good quality studio that will sleep up to 2 people. The price will vary based on the district and the overall condition of the apartment and accordingly increase in rental price. The average rental prices range from 150 up to 200 euros for as many as 4 people each night and in the middle of 300 to 350 per night up to 6 people. The deposit for damages can range as well since it is determined by the owner. In normal circumstances, the tenant will have their deposit returned less any damages or cleaning.

If there are three people in your party a one room hotel room could become a little cramped due to the fact that the room sizes are typically smaller than what Americans are used to living in. If you have four people in your group, then you should rent two separate rooms. To solve this problem you should opt for renting an apartment. The price for a two-bedroom apartment rental is basically identical to that of two hotel rooms.

While it is true there are some disadvantages to renting an apartment, in general, it has an abundant amount of advantages in comparison to staying in a hotel for a family. One immediate advantage is you will save substantial amounts of vacation money by eating a few meals in the rental; having individual rooms to read, relax your legs from your days & nights out in Paris is a huge positive; traditionally an apartment will have a washer for your laundry, and in some cases even a clothes dryer. For the most part, apartments provide linens, kitchens fully equipped with utensils and cookware, and free local calling or free WiFi.

To find apartments do the common sense thing and browse local newspapers and local small ads magazines like FUSAC which has postings of rooms for rent and a specific section for short term rentals. It is a free magazine with classified ads created mainly for English speakers ((Americans, Canadians, Brits, Scots, Irish, Australians, New Zealanders, etc.). Inside, one will noticeapartment rental listings from both owners and rental agencies.

Should I Rent through an Owner or Agency?

The answer to renting directly or through an owner can be broken down to the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with . For foreigners who may not speak French very well, a rental company which has an agent who can speak English or multiple languages it may be easier so nothing is left in doubt when looking to rent an apartment in Paris. There are advantages and disadvantages for each method you choose.

Benefits of dealing directly with owners of a Paris apartment is that they tend to welcome price negotiation process, give you rent reductions, offer you some services free of charge and are not very rigid with time of check-in and check-out. But like many popular tourist destinations, in the high season owners might request significantly higher prices. Especially for annual events like the French Open tennis tournament held at Stade Roland Garros during the last week in May and first week in June;

The end of June is usually when Americans go on vacation and Paris being a top destination will certainly command a top rental price from owners. In addition, the owner can cancel the agreements whenever they feel like it if a tenant who wants to pay more comes along; or the worst case scenario is that they are rip-off owner who have no apartment to let to you at all.

By using a rental company to help you rent an apartment in Paris it'll give you numerous perks you may have not considered. To name a few, you will have a broad range of choices of properties on agencies online sites for travelers to find accommodations which are tailored to their specific wants; any commission charged is paid by the owner to the rental company, not the person who is renting the apartment, and it not padded into the monthly rent; Rental companies that work with house or apartment rentals in Paris are not difficult to locate online, and reviews of their services should be largely available to view as well. Travelers are able to then do comparisons on costs, and availability across various websites and narrow down their selections to one or a few companies to start their dealings with.

As you can see, rental agencies have quite a few more benefits than going direct to an owner but you still need to check out the rental company and ask the same questions you would to a direct owner. Confirm all amenities, the size of the rooms in the apartment, (usually in cubic meters). Write down the specific cost of the rental and be aware that a longer term stay may give you a discount if you ask.

Review comments or ratings from previous customers to see if any previous renters made positive or negative comments on the service or the condition of the apartments. By checking reviews from previous renters online you lower your chances of a negative experience a rental agency or directly with an owner on sites like Slow Travel France (see below).

What You Need to Have

If you choose to go through a reputable rental agent, it is best to have a dossier readily available. A dossier will consist of the following:

  • 1.) a copy of your passport with any applicable visa,
  • 2.) evidence of a French bank account,
  • 3.) a copy of your employment contract if applicable
  • 4.) documentation that shows you make a minimum of three 3x the monthly rent,
  • 5.) and a French guarantor.

Gathering the aforementioned items is not always as easy as it may appear. The main reason for this is because securing a French bank account calls for a copy of lease contract from an apartment. And securing a lease on an apartment for a foreigner will call for having a French bank account. As a result, a no-win situation arises to get either. Fortunately, there are some rental companies which will let you use a credit card or pay with traveler's checks initially, which in effect circumvents the requirement to have a French bank account.

The French guarantor ("caution solidaire" ) part may take some legwork. Having a guarantor will prove indispensable when letting or renting an apartment in France. A person moving to France for their job or for study should be able to receive the necessary guidance from their estate agent, their bank manager, or the town mayor to be their guarantor. If you are simply studying in France, have secured your necessary visa, you may want to ask a person who is employed in the university's students' housing department for help.

If you truly want the ideal apartment at an attractive price, and really want to immerse yourself into the French culture, it is best to get some recommendations by residents in the area through word of mouth. For those of you about to begin your search for an apartment rental, this information should prove useful on your trip to Paris.

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