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Staying Safe and Healthy on International Trips

Venturing abroad can certainly bring excitement with a great itinerary but assessing destination risks matters too. Health and safety threats endanger travelers naively believing they are immune to harm and it only happens to others. In reality, common vacations spots are vulnerable to a lack of preparation. Before Departing:Verify travel warnings and advisories with government …

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Vital Steps For North Americans Relocating Abroad

Whether pursuing professional opportunities or retirement dreams abroad, North Americans planning permanent overseas moves must get their official paperwork in order well beforehand. Careful coordination across multiple facets prevents hurdles securing visas, healthcare or finances that could hamper transitions. Being organized early provides needed peace of mind embarking on life-changing global moves. Use this comprehensive …

person on cable car swing over mountain in Banos , Ecuador
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Experience the Thrill of South America’s Adventure Travel Destinations

For adventure seekers, South America is the ideal place for wonders. This diverse continent offers people countless opportunities for adventure, from trekking ancient Incan trails to boating or rafting through the Amazon. Whether you prefer exploring ruins, climbing mountains, or riding some of the world’s biggest waves, South America has something for every type of …

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adventure travel

10 Best Adventure Travel Destinations Abroad

Adventure travel gets your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing! It pushes you outside your comfort zone to embrace thrilling new challenges. Forget about mundane all-inclusive resorts, we’re talking about immersive experiences that put you right in the action! After years of adventure travel abroad, I’ve discovered some of the most thrilling destinations for adrenaline junkies …