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Whether you're sightseeing in Sydney or have business in Berlin, save valuable travel time by purchasing foreign currency and foreign currency travelers cheques before you go to your local bank.

Foreign currencies
By ordering foreign currency cash before you travel, you'll have money for immediate expenses — such as tips, taxis, or meals. You won't have to worry about locating a reputable exchange office or finding it closed if you arrive after hours.

Exchange rates vary from day to day and from source to source. Rates are usually better abroad, so do most of your exchanging there. Best rates are usually found at the airport, local travel agencies, and at banks in large cities.

Purchase local currency when you arrive, for phone calls, a taxi from the airport, etc. This can be purchased at major banks and exchange offices at international airports. If you will be arriving late, or on Sunday, purchase local currency in the U.S. Unless prohibited, having $50-$100 in local currency with you when you arrive is a very good idea.

Note: There are lots of companies that offer online money transfer services online from one country to another, usually asking for you to deposit your money with them as a first step. Because these transfers take place electronically and you are asked to deposit the money up-front, a wise recommendation is that you only use services that fellow travelers and colleagues may have used successfully. If in doubt, go with the name and reputation because your money is, literally, on the line.

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