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  Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City - The Met's goal is to collect, preserve, study, exhibit, and stimulate appreciation for and advance knowledge of works of art that collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievement at the highest level of quality, all in the service of the public

  British Museum, London - Housed in one of Britain's architectural landmarks, the collection is one of the finest in existence, spanning two million years of human history. You will find art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures. Admission is free.

  The Tate Museum, London - is Britain's national museum of international modern art and consist of the Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate St Ives, and Tate Online, part of the group now known simply as Tate.

  The Vatican Museums, Rome - is comprised of the papal apartments of the medieval Apostolic Palace decorated with frescoes during the Renaissance, the Sistine Chapel the exhibition rooms of the Vatican Apostolic Library and the actual museums.

  Museu Nacional del Prado, Madrid   - Modest but intelligently chosen collection of superb art work is shown

  The Hermitage, St. Petersburg - Excellent quality images of the best 2000 holdings in the museum that contains more than three millions of the world's masterpieces

  The Smithsonian, Washington, DC - the world's largest museum complex and research organization composed of 16 museums and the National Zoo in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area

  MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), New York City - Moma's purpose is to bring together the established and the experimental, the past and the present all all people. It's collection includes works of architecture and design, drawings, painting and sculpture, photography, prints and illustrated books, film, and media

  The Ufizzi, Florence, Italy - Excellent quality pictures are shown for top Italian artists' works like Botticelli, Veronse, an Giorgione.

  Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

  The Louvre, Paris   - From the Mona Lisa to The Raft of Medusa, from Venus de Milo to the Victory of Samothrace, the site is definitely worth your visit.

The Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain houses some of the 20th century’s greatest works of art, Guggenheim in Bilbao has become as artistically renowned as the paintings that hang from its walls.


The Museums Association in 1998 agreed on a definition for the word "museums". Museums enable people to explore collections for inspiration, learning and enjoyment.
"They are institutions that collect, safeguard and make accessible artefacts and specimens, which they hold in trust for society."
This definition includes art galleries with collections of works of art, as well as museums with historical collections of objects.

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