It is recommended that you check the following sites for recent country specific situations that affect travelers around the world such as the latest virus, social unrest or political uprisings:

US Department of State Research:

government safety travel tips General information about a Safe Trip

current travel warnings Current Travel Warnings

and the World Factbook from the CIA


- Information about the weather to decide your dresses.

- Visa issue information.

- Insurance information

- Valid passport or identity card

- Tickets and reservations

- Insurance documents

- Money, traveler's cheques and credit cards

- Personal medicine or medical prescriptions (If you need special medical threatment bring it with you. Name of drugs varies from country to country.)

- E111 form (for citizens from EU countries)

- Country address given to parents etc.

- Do not forget any special adaptor for your personal computer, electric shaver, cellular-phone etc.

Excellent advice for people intersted in traveling soon.  
Check current travel warnings and tips before going to a foreign country

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