Amigo de las Américas (Amigos)

Programs for young adults to volunteer in Latin America. AMIGOS' volunteer positions concentrate on training people to become leaders and community development in local communities as well as improve their Spanish fluency level.

Cross Cultural Solutions – provides a great opportunity for volunteers to do some meaningful work in Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, and more locations. – Idealist offers an extensive amount of volunteer opportunities throughout South America in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, as well as Central American countries such as Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and more locations.

Peace Corps – The Peace Corps features multiple opportunities spanning 2 years or more for individuals seeking to dedicate their experience and lending a hand.

Global Vision International
GVI has an array of volunteer programs worldwide to quench the responsible person's desire to make a positive impact in Costa Rica and Mexico or around the globe.

Global Volunteer Network
Offers people a chance to make a difference in wildlife preservation, equine therapy, and gender equality projects. Moreover, you may have the chance to get involved in a project to sustain natural resources, biodiversity, help with lake cleanups, help people at disabled centers, and help teach sports to kids in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. Locations are Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, and Peru.

 United Planet
United Planet's Volunteer Abroad program provides people with a life-changing opportunity for you to connect with foreigners with volunteer projects, satisfying activities, and living with host families. Their opportunities in Latin America exist in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, and Peru. Volunteers ranging from young to old are accepted, different nationalities and qualifications too since everybody can offer something positive.

  Projects Abroad is a recognized leader in offering short-term international volunteer work in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Jamaica. Projects start and stop all year and range from one week up to 12 months.

World Endeavors – This organization coordinates and runs various volunteer and internship opportunities in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico.

  Volunteer World offers volunteering opportunities for everyone regardless of their origin or religion. Your help is needed from Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica through the Dominican Republic and Jamaica to Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina and many more. Help with childcare and teaching, community development, NGO-support, sea turtle conservation, animal care or at a primate sanctuary under the Latin American sun.


Volunteer or Earn Money

tel logoDoing almost the same job but in various locations you can earn money by teaching English to Spanish speaking with local residents in Latin America (Portuguese speakers in Brazil). Or you can volunteer first then start teaching. In either case, sign up for TEFL training course and start making money while you travel in a high-demand position.

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