Concordia Volunteers - Offers Seasonal Agricultural Work Scheme (SAWS) oportunities for foreign students to engage in seasonal farm work in the UK France, Germany, Iceland and the United Kingdom with pay. – Provides a broad collection of volunteer projects in Europe, the Netherlands, Iceland, Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia, Greece and more locations.

Peace Corps – The Peace Corps introduces numerous programs to men and women interested in lending their skills for 2 years and more in various regions of Europe.

Global Vision International
Provider of volunteer projects that matches people who have a strong interest in helping the environment and want to apply their help for positive endeavors in Greece, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

 United Planet
United Planet's Volunteer Abroad program gives adults of various age groups with a life-changing chance for you to join up and share your way of life with international societies with volunteer jobs, satisfying work, and full time living with host families. Their opportunities in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. United Planet accpes people from many distinct backgrounds and skills as they know every person has something to give.

  Projects Abroad is an established leader in featuring short-term global volunteer jobs in Romania, and Moldova. You can get involved for as little as 7 days to as much as 12 months any time of the year in some of these projects.

World Endeavors – An established volunteer provider like this organization arranges and runs a range of internship and volunteer opportunities in France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

  Volunteer World - offers an impressive number of volunteering opportunities. For example, participating in a dolphin research program in Greece, Italy, Spain and Croatia or volunteering in a childcare and community support program in Portugal or Romania. Whether you want to travel alone, with your partner, with your family or you are already 50+ and want to travel the world giving back to the society, Volunteer World is the easiest way to find your dream program.


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