7 Wonders of the World

Place of Interest Location Country
Chichen Itza Yucatan Mexico
Cristo O Redentor Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Colosseum Rome Italy
Great Wall of China Badaling China
Machu Picchu Aguas Calientes Peru
Petra city of Petra Jordan
Taj Mahal Agra India
Pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt

The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Place of Interest Location Country
Mount Everest Mahalangur section Himalayas
The Great Barrier Reef Queensland Australia
The Grand Canyon Coconino county Arizona
Victoria Falls Kazungula Zambia
Sugar Loaf Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Paricutin Volcano Michoacán Mexico
The Northern Lights N/A (the sky) Northern parts of
Scandinavia, Alaska, Canada

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Place of Interest Location Country
Great Pyramid of Giza Cairo Egypt
Hanging Gardens of Babylon Al-Mahawil Iraq
Temple of Artemis Selçuk/Îzmir Turkey
Statue of Zeus Olympia Greece
The Mausoleum Halicarnassus Greece
The Colossus of Rhodes in process of being rebuilt Greece
The Pharos Alexandria Egypt

The Seven Modern Wonders of the World

Place of Interest Location Country
The Channel Tunnel Shared tunnel among France & England
The CN Tower Toronto Canada
Empire State Building New York City USA
The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco USA
The Itaipu Dam Shared among Brazil & Paraguay
Delta Works in Southwest Netherlands
Panama Canal Panama City Panama

The Seven Forgotten Natural Wonders of the World

Place of Interest Location Country
Angel Falls (Salto Angel) Guiana Highlands in Bolívar Venezuela
The Bay of Fundy Northeastern Gulf Maine / Canada
Iguaçú Falls on the borders of Parana, Brazil & Misiones, Argentina
Krakatoa Island between Java and Sumatra islands Indonesia
Mount Fuji Honshu Island Japan
Mount Kilimanjaro N/A Northern Tanzania
Niagara Falls Niagra County, New York USA

The Forgotten Wonders

Place of Interest Location Country
The Aztec Temple Mexico City (formerly Tenochtitlan) Mexico
The Banaue Rice Terraces Banaue Philippines
The Borobudur Temple Java Indonesia
The Inca Location in Machu Picchu Peru
The Statue of Liberty Liberty Island, NYC USA
The Mayan Temples varied (mostly in rainforests) Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras
The Temple of the Inscriptions Palenque Ruins, Chiapas Mexico
The Throne Hall of Persepolis 50 KM north of Shiraz Iran
The Suez Canal Mediterranean Sea and Gulf of Suez Egypt
The Sydney Opera House Sydney Australia
The Red Fort (Lal Quila) Delhi India

Other World Wonders Worth Visiting

Place of Interest Location Country
Acropolis Athens Greece
Alhambra Granada Spain
Angkor Wat Angkor Cambodia
Eiffel Tower Paris France
Hagia Sophia Istanbul Turkey
Kiyomizu-dera Kyoto Japan
Moai Statues Easter Island Chile
Red Square Moscow Russia
Neuschwanstein Füssen Germany
Stonehenge Amesbury United Kingdom
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