If you are finalizing your plans to go abroad for a three month trek through southern Europe this summer,  one thing left to consider is which electronic gadgets and computers tablets to bring.
Many people have their own smartphone (Apple  iPhone), and an Android tablet along with a few other gadgets. It is always advised to pack light as there is no need to bring a suitcase for electronics. If all goes as planned you will be carrying some or all of these devices with you each day and the last thing you want is to carry a device you can't use.
Here's a short list of electronics, smartphones, and gadgets to bring abroad...
An iPhone, being a global cell phone,  should work in most places in Europe, especially if you sign up for a T-Mobile international plan. If you haven't signed up and your phone is unlocked, one can simply swap in a new SIM card if needed. You will probably only want to use the phone sparingly, to make reservations and emergencies. Just in case, you can buy a cheap pay-as-you-go phone in Europe and stow it to be extra safe.
The iPhone will come in real handy because you can still use the data at WiFi spots.
Bring along a 7-inch Android tablet as it will be easier to Skype, read email, and reply to emails. Who wants to spend ten minutes typing out a long email on their phone.
Of course,  there are internet cafes in Europe which are fairly common, but in small towns where you visit, they may be harder to find. So, if you need to contact someone you want to be able to do that.
It is understood the iPad is probably a better choice, but it is expensive and the Android tablets have all the apps you need.
European Power Adapter
A must to bring along. A good way to go is buy two cheap ones on Amazon a few weeks before to make sure you have them. These will charge the iPhone, tablet and other devices using the European style outlets.
USB Sticks and Memory Cards
A USB stick is indispensable to transfer images, maps, electronic brochures, etc. I plan to bring 10 memory cards, because you could go a week or so between cyber cafes to download trip photos. You don't want to lose any photos or miss great photo ops because of not having enough memory space.
Translation Device
A language translator like the Lingo Voyager or the higher end Ectaco Partner are really useful because they speak and spell foreign words. Either one is ideal because it has many languages and it is pocket-sized. You can carry it anywhere you go like a cafe, hotel, restaurant, or in a cab to ask directions and communicate your needs with ease.

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