Travel abroad to study and learn. The CIEE Study Abroad in the middle east is available in Amman, Jordan, Cairo, Egypt and other locations.
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English instructor trainingAttend the American University in Cairo & Beirut, Lebanon for college coursework. AUC is an independent, non-profit, equal-opportunity institution.  The university promotes the principles of academic independence and is committed to excellence

Located in the United Arab Emirates, a research university with a thoroughly integrated liberal arts and science college. It brings in students from throughout the world, and readies them for the challenges and opportunities of our increasingly connected society.
Trains students to be successful leaders across all cultures, professions, and members of society. By using this method, SIT has built a global network of individuals and organizations committed to responsible worldwide citizenship. With discipline-focused academic study abroad programs for undergrad and accredited graduate degree programs the objective of SIT is satisfied.
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Offers programs for students interested in learning abroad in Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Tunisia and Vietnam, along with short-term, personalized programs worldwide. Offers an intensive Arabic language curriculum in literature, contemporary society, business, history, religion, politics.
Offers budget friendly access to international education for an assorted student population. Intercultural understanding is acquired through integration into their country's culture while looking into the depths of their academic discipline.
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Lexia study abroad programs Organization's goal is to make available academically strict experimental learning abroad using field research coupled with conventional classroom teaching. Located primary in in urban centers such as Istanbul, Turkey and Budapest, Hungary
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TEFL in Middle East Study in the United Arab Emirates or another friendly Arabic country and also potentially earn substantial money by teaching English to people where you are located. Salaries for teaching in the middle east have always been higher than elsewhere. If you're certified, you'll receive a better salary than entry level.
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Scholarships for Studies

Studying abroad isn't just an exciting way to spend a summer or semester. It is rapidly turning out to be an essential tool to succeed in the global economy.

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