Always a favorite desitnation for lesiure or study courses, CIEE Europe offersmany possibilities for students and adults seeking to improve their knowledge in an academic field. Many opportunities exist in various countries include language learning courses.
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English instructor trainingNYU offers enrolled NYU students along with other accredited U.S. universities and colleges unsurpassed study abroad programs in Paris, Florence, London and Madrid to broaden their cultural learning experiences with a well-planned curriculum.
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The University of Texas at Austin offers programs in France, Italy and Spain for students along with other locations globally. Coursework is at a foreign university in the summer, a semester, a year, and exchange programs.
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Offers foreign-based study programs in numerous locations in western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland) eastern Europe (Czech Republic,Turkey, Hungary, Russia). Terms for courses abroad can be chosen for the fall, winter, spring, summer, or a full year. Visit website

Offers study abroad courses in Paris, France, Dublin, Ireland, and Madrid, Spain. The program is open to enrolled students from UC Berkeley, students from outside colleges and universities, foreign students, and people over the typical student population age.
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Teach English in Europe and earn some extra spending cash all while enrolled in your overseas study programe. Why? It only means more Euros and seeing some of the most beautiful landscapes, historic gothic and roman architecture, and engaging with other cultures. Be certified in 1-2 months to teach at schools in European cities or teach privately.
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Answers to Common Questions

Answers about what to expect from schools overseas vary widely but they will resemble the similar guidelines when traveling abroad for simple tourism and adventure. While you may make new European friends it's advised to not reveal sensitive information about yourself and to stay safe at all times.

Go to Europe on a scholarship.
Discover Foreign Cultures and their History in that Country! Wouldn't it be amazing to learn about art in Florence, Italy or study business management in Tokyo, Japan, or take a Spanish course in Madrid, Spain? Among the many incredible rewards of studying overseas is having the ability to enroll in courses that pertain to the country or city you are studying in, much like U.S. history.

Additionally, it is perfect method to truly get a unedited version at the historical and cultural facets of how that country developed through time.

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