Students will be based in Monteverde, Costa Rica participating in a ecological, environmental and conservation program. You will get the chance to learn and see life first-hand in this lush tropical paradise, Share your how you live back home, and take part in new adventures.
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study in Costa RicaTulane provides students with a rewarding experience in San José, Costa Rica during the fall semester, with visits to Nicaragua. Mandatory completion of specific Spanish classes is required.
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The University of Texas at Austin offers international studies in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaraugua in Central America. Students can select to spend the summer, a semester, or a year at an approved foreign university.
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Provides undergraduate programs in Central America (Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Mexico, a North American county). Terms for courses abroad are avaialble for the fall, winter, spring, summer, or a full year.
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Offers study abroad courses in the Dominican Republic, and Barbados. Programs are open to existing undergraduates at UC Berkeley, people from outside colleges and universities, international students, and people simply looking for a great experience.
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Common Concerns

What are the requirements to enter Central America?
For Costa Rica, your passport must be valid at least 1 calendar day after the date that you enter.

For the Dominican Republic, you will need a valid passport and to purchase a $10USD Tourist Card upon arrival in Dominican Republic. Citizens from the European Union, USA, and Canada are allowed a 30-day stay which can be extended.

For El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, your passport must be valid for six months past your entry date and initial entry is good for a period of up to 90 days.
For Panama, you must have a valid passort for 180 days past your initial entry and stay has no limit. Citizens from the European Union, USA, and Canada have no visa requirements.

Always check with your destination country for any changes before finalizing your trip.

Saving and Earning

Why not study and teach abroad at the same time? Get certified to teach English to foreign children, teens, and adults. Get the wheels in motion by enrolling with International TEFL Academy and command a higher salary than those who don't have one.

  Reduce the cost of your courses
Studying abroad is a great choice for a variety of ways and not only for satisfying your major requirements. One benefit many students obtain is they conquer fears through their overseas adventure in way or another and open doors to new adventures. There is no assurance it happens to everyone just because you decide to study or live abroad you come back as an entirely new person. However, some type of positive change is commonly the end result.

Take advantage of the available study abroad scholarships in Central America to lower your tuition expenses.

Footage in Central America

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