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If you want to know how to avoid the waits of 2 hours or more to enter the museum tourists and local travel agencies strong suggest to reserve your tickets early (prior to going) unless time spent in line is part of the experience you want to remember.

Famous Works

  • Garden Monet The Garden at Saint Adresse  Claude Monet
  • Bourgeois Eye Benches  Louise Bourgeois
  • Italian Renaissane Italian Renaissance  Raphael
  • Starry Night  Vincent Van Gogh
  • Egyptian mummy at the Louvre Egyptian Mummy  The Louvre
  • sattues on Cathedral in Notre Dame Paris Notre Dame Cathedral statues Paris, France
  • British Museum Assyrian horsemen Assyrian Telief of Two Horseman  British Museum
  • The Blind Musician painting Blind Musician  artist: Alvar Cawén

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