Amerispan Milan course Students have the option of learning the Italian language in the following locations:
Courses in Florence, Milan, Rome, Siena, Taormina-Sicily, and Venice. Specialties include programs for kids and teens as well as fashion and cooking.
study in GenoaHLI provides students with an enriching educational experience to learn Italian abroad in the Asti wine region, Genoa/Italian Riviera, Milan, Tuscany, Naples, Rome, and Venice. Students, age 9 to 90, will receive private language tutoring within the teacher's residence. Language memory and knowledge gained quickly by immersing yourself into everyday living at home and/or "optional" bonus activities from the programme (Sports, Culture, Leisure, or Holidays)
Language Booking offers a variety of courses ranging from private, group, intensive, business Italian, seniors, lawyers, doctors, fashion, cooking, and many more. Students levels available from beginner, intermediate, to advanced and proficient levels. Course lengths can be for one week up to one week up to one year. All course are in Italy (Siena, Verona, Rome, Florence, Milan, Orvieto, Sardinia, and Palmi.)
Italian Language international schoolsProvides access to language programs from various regions in Italy. Locations are in San Remo, Verona, Siena, Viareggio, Rome, Florence, Salerno, Milan, Genoa, Turin, and other cities. More than 415 courses and numerous levels of fluency to choose from like basic, general, intermediate, through intensive. Durations range from 1 week to 52 weeks and ages start at 16 years and older.
Offers study abroad language courses for college credit in Florence, and Rome. Choose from a semester, year, or summer. NOTE: Part of the program is taught in English although enrolled college students will receive semester credits.

Italian Trivia

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  • The word "Mafia" in Sicilian dialect means "beautiful", "proud" or "deserving of respect".

  • Italy is the 5th most popular destination in the world.

  • Two of Europe's smallest countries, San Marino and the Vatican, are enclaved within Italy.

  • Italians have won the most Academy Awards (Oscars) for Best Foreign Language Film than any country

  • The world's most prestigious sports cars are Italian, (Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Maserati)

Special Deals

Pick up Italian and teach English on the side. Enroll in a TEFL traning course and that offers a discount, either for a classroom or online course.

Why Learning Italian Helps

Approximately 80 million people speak the romance language known as Italian.

  • Considered one of the most beautiful languages spoken worldwide
  • Italian literature has some of the world's most famous writers and thinkers.
  • A better understanding of the country and its culture.
  • UNESCO claims Italy has more sites of historical importance than any other country with close to 60% of the world's arts treasures

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