Amerispan Portuguese course Students are afforded the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese in China. Choice of cities are Beijing and Shanghai.
Courses include 4 hrs/day or more in a classroom environment with no more than 5 students depending on location.
Accreditation: Instituto Cervantes
Academic credit: Yes, through Brookhaven College
Accommodation: Homestay, apartment or hotel.
Prices: Not listed ( check reviews online)

study foreign language Chinese Horizon offers expert Chinese language and culture training to foreigners via traditional and progressive classroom teaching in Beijing. Web-based interactive courses also available. No maximum age limit for students.
Lessons per week: 10 to 30 hours
Options: Online language course,
Accreditation:  Not disclosed
Academic credit: No
Accommodation: Private apartment, or hotel
Costs: from $200 USD / week
home languageHLI offers students a setting to succeed in their efforts to learn Chinese in Beijing. All ages are eligible for private language instruction in the teacher's home.
All teachers have a Bachelor's degree or a teaching certificate.

Lessons per week: 10 to 30 hours
Accreditation:  ABLS, UNOSEL, ALTO
Academic credit: No
Accommodation: Homestay
Costs: approx. $1,260 USD / week

Language Booking offers Chinese courses personalized for: high school and college students, adults, or language course with cultural activities.
Student levels available are from beginner, intermediate, advanced and proficient. The more weeks you enroll for, the more you save and they offer a "best price guarantee"
Course locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Shangyuo.
Duration: 1 week to 52 weeks
Class size: 1 - 19
Lessons per week: 10 to 30 hours
Options: Language with cultural activity.
Accreditation:  Yes, too many to list
Academic credit: Please confirm with school
Accommodation: Host Family, residence or flat.
Costs: from $176 per week

French Language international schoolsProvides access to language learning programs in multiple countries.
Course available in: China: Beijing, Congqing, Guangzhou, Guilin, Kunmlng, Shanghai, Xi'an. Also in Taipei, Taiwan.
More than 140 courses for fluency levels to enroll in from basic, general, intermediate, through intensive. Class sizes are group, small group, and private lessons. Courses reserved for ages 16 and up.
Duration: 1 week to 52 weeks
Class size: 1 to 10 students
Lessons per week: 10 to 30 hours
Options: Language + culture.
Accreditation:  Yes, too many to list
Academic credit: Yes, for some schools
Accommodation: Host family, shared student housing or private apartment, hotel.
Costs: from $175 / week.
Offers individual instruction, continuous communication and full immersion into the Chinese culture.
CLI is recognized for its very successful intensive Mandarin study abroad course, featuring excursions, and other appealing opportunities.
Duration: 2 weeks to 8 months
Class size: Contact school
Lessons per week: 20 hours
Accreditation:  Yes, via Guangxi Normal University
College credit: Yes
Accommodation: Homestay, private room at CLI, or private apartment,
Prices: from $460 / week
fsu abroad Offers a six-week summer abroad program in Tianjin, China.
Spend a summer overseas learning Mandarin Chinese, just a half-hour train ride from Beijing. .
Duration: 6 weeks
Class size: varies
Lessons per week: 15 to 20 hours
Accreditation:  Yes
Academic credit: up to 10 credits
Day-trips: Group excursion to Xi'an, Mt. Tai, Huangya Pass, and Dule Temple
Accommodation: Shared student dorm housing included in price
Prices: approx. $5,276 (summer)
Course based in Shanghai is ideal for students looking to spend a semester or summer inthe second largest economy in the world, China.
Duration: 5 weeks to 17 weeks
Class size: varies ( Also taught in English)
Lessons per week: 15 to 20 hours
Accreditation:  Yes
Academic credit: 4 to 16 credits per semester
Cultural activities Music, martial art, painting, calligraphy, cooking, and much more amenities.
Excursions: Xi'an, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Lijiang, Chengdu, Jiu-zhai-gou Valley
Accommodation: shared student housing or private residence.
Prices: approx. $3,795 (5 weeks - summer) to $13,595 (semester). Includes numerous items of interest.

Is there a Chinese Alphabet?

Unlike English, they do not have a standard alphabet, but they use characters.

How many characters are there?

There are more than 50,000 characters in total, despite the fact modern dictionaries will almost never try to list the additional characters past 20,000 people use everyday. A well-schooled Chinese person can ascertain approximately 8,000 characters, most people only have to know 2-3,000 characters to read a newspaper in Mandarin or Cantonese.

Special Course Discounts

Learn Mandarin or Cantonese in China and teach English during yoru course.

The page will be updated with periodic savings for prospective students seeking to learn Chinese language.

Reasons to Learn Chinese

  • It's much easier to build business connections if you speak the language
  • Numerous opportunities with international companies in the Chinese market
  • It helps your brain stay sharp and active when you learn another language
  • Mandarin is the second most taught language after English worldwide
  • Chinese tourists travel almost everywhere in the world so it helps if you can communicate with them.

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