Spain: Country Overview

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Capital: Madrid; (largest city)
Leader: King: King Juan Carlos I
Leader: Prime Minister: Mariano Rajoy
Government type: Kingdom of Spain
Population: 47,370,542 (Source:
Languages: Castilian Spanish (official) 74%, Catalan 17%, Galician 7%, and Basque 2% 1.

Ethnic Diversity: blend of Mediterranean and Nordic type
Official Currency: Euro (€)
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There are three different climate zones in Spain but overall it is a Mediterranean climate, distinguished by mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. The central plateau possesses a climate determined by the continent with hot, arid summers and cold winters. The Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia enjoy a coastal climate, having cooler summers and mild winters. The weather is typically cloudy with repeated rainfall.

National Holiday: 12 Oct. - Fiesta Nacional de España ; ( Día de la Hispanidad )
Religion: Roman Catholic 94%, other 6% 2
Area: total: 195,124 (sq. miles) 505,370 (sq. kilometers)
Country Dialing Code: 34
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