Top 25 Must See Places to Visit in Germany

There's plenty of gorgeous scenery, style, art, and excellent cuisine to expereince in Italy. If you have the opportunity to visit Italy, the following locations are among the best.


Neuschwanstein Castle, Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is a representation of romantic design and popular due to its owner. Ludwig II went into seclusion upon failing to maintain sovereignty. Eduard Riedel and Georg Dollmann used perfect representative sketches by the picturesque painter Christian Jank to build the structure.

What's nearby: Hohenschwangau Castle, St. Coleman Church, Ettal Abbey, Partnach Gorge, pedalo boat on Lake Hopfen, Lake Weissensee, Eisenberg/Zell ruins.

Berlin Cathedral and St Nicholas Quarter
Photo courtesy of Luke Ma / Flickr



Berlin is the largest city and capital of Germany. It features a wide range of attractions, its growing cultural movement and a lifestyle that's both busy and casual

The Cathedral, Berlin Wall, Museum Island, Berlin Philharmonic, Palace of Tears, Brandenburg Gate, Kurfürstendamm


Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam
, Photo courtesy of Nigel321 / Flickr


Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam

Friedrich the Great spent his summers in these lavish gardens and terraced vineyards. It also serves as a popular venue for festivals and concerts.

The Cathedral, Things nearby: Babelsberg Film Park, Dutch Quarter, La Maison du Chocolat, Botanical Gardens, Potsdam Film Museum


, Photo courtesy of LenDog64 / Flickr




Perhaps the most popular joyous, lively celebrations worldwide takes place in late September in Munich. The Hippodrom and Hofbraühaus are some of the favorites among locals and tourists. A popular phrase you'll need to know is, "Maß" means one liter of beer.

Nearby you can see the Englischer garden, Marienplatz or the Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian woods,

Dresden Frauenkirche
, Photo courtesy of LenDog64/ Flickr


Dresden Frauenkirche

An impressive and wonderful cathedral in Dresden's historical centre recently rebuilt and renovated after bein heavy bombings from WWII.

The Cathedral, Semper Opera House, Royal Palace, Bruehl Terrace, Zwinger


Heidelberg Castle
, Photo courtesy of Ignaz Wiradi / Creative Commons Wikimedia


Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg is among the most beautiful places in Germany. It's located in the hills beside the Neckar River and features numerous centuries-old pieces and it famous castle known by locals as "Schloss Heidelberg".

Altstadt, Old Town, Market Square, Heiligenberg, Thingstadt, Church of the Holy Ghost, Konigstuhl Funicular, Kings Throne.


, Photo courtesy of Andreas Schmidt / Creative Commons Wikimedia


The highest mountain in Germany, close to 10,000 feet, is ideal for wintertime skiing or a hike in the summer. It's accessible by funicular or cable car with two restaurants at the summit.

Alpspitz, Wank Mountain, Konigshaus am Schachen, Garmisch-Partenkirchen Ski Resort, Eckbauerbahn

Europa Park
, Photo courtesy of Stefan Scheer / Creative Commons Wikimedia


Europa Park

An immense theme park located in Rust, Germany offering adventures and fun for an unforgettable day for families or groups.

Commedia dell'Arte, Schlossbergbahn



Deutsch Museum
Photo courtesy of Ignaz Wiradi / Creative Commons Wikimedia


Deutsches Museum

One of the world's largest science and technology museumslocated in Munich features nanotechnology, biotechnology, and robotic interactive exhibits and other displays. In total,there are six floors of interesting science.

TThe Pinakothek, Asams Church, BMW Museum, Municipal Gallery in Lenbach House

Deutsch Museum
, Photo courtesy of Dirk Schmidt / Creative Commons Wikimedia


Towering over the most narrow section of the Rhine close to St. Goarshausen is the Loreley rock, a 433-foot high (194-metres) slate cliff and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Burg Katz, Burg Maus, Burg Rheinfels, Schönburg

, Photo courtesy of Mylius / Creative Commons Wikimedia


Located in the central square of Frankfurt and famous due to the half-timbered construction and resembles an old German market square.

Palmengarten, English Theatre, Goethe House, Mainkai Street

Deutsch Museum
, Photo courtesy of Kent Wang / Flickr

Nymphenburg Palace

The Wittelsbach ruling family resided in this baroque designed palace in the summers. It comes with a vast history of Bavaria, fantastic architecture, and amazing scenery.

More activities nearby: Munich Botanical Garden, Hirschgarten, Grunwald Park, Romanplatz, Olympiapark, Theresienwiese

Deutsch Museum
, Photo courtesy of Kent Wang / Flickr


A large popular square, also known as Mary's Square, is situated in the heart of Munich. This wonderfully built City Hall features a clocktower with medieval knights.

Hirschgarten, St. Peter's Church, Viktualienmarkt

, Photo courtesy of Motif_Catcher / Flickr

Holstentor - Holsten Gate

The entry gates to the City of the 7 Spires in Lübeck, Germany. It was built by Hinrich Helmstede between 1464 and 1478 and said to be restored between 1863 and 1871.

Nearby places include Niederegger Cafe, St. Mary's Church, Museum Marina, and St. Annen Museum

Allianz Arena
, Photo courtesy of Tobi_87 / WIkimedia

Allianz Arena

A major football stadium in Munich crafted by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron, features three distinct levels with excellent acoustics for sports fans.

Victory Gate (Siegestor), BMW Museum

, Photo courtesy of Kent Wang / Flickr


Leipzig is the place where some of Germany's famous artists for quite some time like Goethe and Bach, and is now still a major art center.

Bach Museum, St. Thomas Church, Gewandhaus Symphony Orchestra, Stasi Museum, Botanical Garden

Middle Rhine
, Photo courtesy of Marcin Czala / Flickr

Middle Rhine

Also known as Rhine Gorge, it is among the most sought after visitor attractions in all of Europe that takes you to Koblenz on a 40-mile route. It is simply too hard to resist the natural beauty, gorgeous picturesque scenery as well as the fabulous abundance of castles and palaces. It was added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 2002.

Photo courtesy of Xiquinho / Flickr

Cologne (Köln)

One of Germany's oldest cities with around 2000 years of history, Cologne is a city of churches, from Gothic to Roman towers, their famous Cathedral with environmentally friendly places and art.

A boat ride on the Rhine river, Old Town, the Chocolate Museum, drink Kölsch (the city's native beer), Phantasialand, Belgian Quarter, Love Locks on Hohenzollern Bridge, a nearby trip to Colmar, France.

Rügen Cliffs
, Photo courtesy of Lars0001 / Wikimedia

Rügen Cliffs

For quite some time, Rügen Cliffs (also called Chalk Cliffs) have been a favorite for tourists. Located in the northeast of Rügen island in Jasmund National Park, they extend up sharply to a height of 528.2 ft (161 m) above the Baltic Sea.

Altenkirchen, Jagdschloss Granitz, Kap Arkona

Romantic Road
, Photo courtesy of Photnart / Wikimedia

Romantic Road

A stretch of highway 350 kilometres (220 miles) between Würzburg and Füssen in southern Germany which features spectacular landscapes with medieval cathedrals, castles right out of fairy tales. It is one of oldest and popular tourist routes.

Places to see during the trip: Fuggerei, Augburg's Rathausplatz, Reichsstadtmuseum, Der Meistertrunk, the Neuschwanstein castle

Würzburg Residenz Palace
, Photo courtesy of Deutsches Bundesarchiv / Wikimedia Creative Commons

Würzburg Residenz Palace

One of the must-see attractions on the Romantic Road is this magnificently designed palace featuring Baroque architecture. Built during the 18th century it was once the home for Würzburg's prince-bishops. It is also on UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site lists. (

The Cathedral, Berlin Wall, Museum Island

Königstein Fortress
, Photo courtesy of Reinahrd Kraasch / Wikimedia

Königstein Fortress

About 35 miles southeast of Dresden, Königstein Fortress attracts people to its amazing Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque style architecture buildings

Altstadt, Falkenstein Fortress, St. George's Castle, St. Marien Church

Photo courtesy of Martin Falbisoner / Wikimedia Creative Commons


A cosmopolitan city Munich is considered by many as Germany's capital of wide-ranging cuisine it is hard to argue with all of its restaurants. Along with greats eats are the many night clubs, museums of science and art, and, last but not least, the beer gardens.

Besides Oktoberfest, visit Brandhorst Museum, Blomberg mountain, Neuschwanstein, Allianz Arena, BMW Museum, Marienplatz, Schloss Nymphenburg, Olympiapark

Photo courtesy of Jim / Flickr

Aachen Cathedral

The Aachen Cathedral, also known as the Imperial Cathedral (Kaiserdom), is considered very important in regards to history, architecture and sacred significance. It was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage site list in 1978. In 805 AD, Charlemagne constructed the distinct style which has become synonymous for church architecture in Germany.

The Treasury of Aachen Cathedral, Ludwig Forum, Marschiertor, Wasserturm Belvedere, Three Country Border.

Photo courtesy of David Wilson / Flickr

Freiburg Old Quarter

An artsy city and university town is regarded as the capitol of the Black Forest with borders near France and Switzerland. Its old town appearance features cobblestoned streets with wine and music festivals which makes it very appealing.

Wenzingerhaus, Munsterplatz, Freiburg Cathedral, Feldberg, and Schlossberg for amazing views of the city.

Linderhoff Palace
Photo courtesy of Tony Castle / Wikimedia Creative Commons

Linderhof Palace

One of the three palaces that King Ludwig II actually had built, with only two stories, the bottom level - for the servants and kitchens. It was constructed on the same land where he was born so it was very important to him. His other more famous home is the Neuschwanstein castle also in Bavaria.

Zugspitze, Ettal Abbey, Partnach Gorge, Oberammergau Museum


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