Ecuador Summary

Fun Facts about Ecuador

1.  The name "Ecuador" originates from the Spanish name equator, since it goes right through the country.

2. Ecuador has the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the The Galapagos Islands

3.   The country is the largest exporter of bananas,  If you need proof, look at the Chiquita label

4. Guinea pig, also called "cuy", is regarded as an everyday food in Ecuador.

5. Ecuador used to be part of another country until 1830, called Gran Colombia. The country was comprised of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

6. Ecuador has numerous active and dormant volcanoes and among the highest concentration of volcanoes worldwide

7. Ecuador and Chile are the only two countries in South America where Brazil doesn't have a border.

8. Two cities have been proclaimed as world heritage sites by the UNESCO, the capital city of Quito, and the third largest city, Cuenca.

9. The country is divided into 4 geographical regions – coastal lowlands, mountain highlands, easterly Amazon lowlands, and the Galapagos Islands.

10. Chimborazo Volcano mountain, at 6310 meters, creates the highest point in Ecuador, Cotapaxi Volcano is the 2nd highest at 5897 meters. Yes, people do climb it (if you decide to, be careful!)

map of  Ecuador

Capital: Quito ; Guayaquil (largest city in Ecuador)
Leader: President: Rafael Correa
Government type: Republic of Ecuador
Population: 15,492,264 (Source: DatosMacro)
Languages: Spanish (official) including Quechua, English (65,000) German (32,000) ,Chinese 7,000) Arabic(1,800) 1.

Ethnic Diversity: mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white) 71.9%, Montubio 7.4%, Afroecuadorian 7.2%, Amerindian 7%, white 6.1%, other 0.4% (2010 census) 
Official Currency: US Dollar ($USD)
Exchange Rates

Very comfortable average temps at 65 degrees. It has typically tropical coastline, a cooler inland as elevations increase; and tropical once more towards the Amazon forest, also called "el Oriente".

National Holiday: 10 Aug
Religion: Catholic (95%), 5% other religions 2
Area: total: 272,045 sq km (105,037 sq miles)
Country Phone Code: 593
[1] Ethnologue
[2] Nationmaster

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