In the field of art, people are able to use their creativity in just about any place they choose. Your imaginative juices gets your creative mind drawing while in transit, during your work break, or painting an object in school, the visualizations you imagine can be brought to life through art.

However in some cases even the best imagination needs a bit more encouragement. If you feel like you're trapped in a dull and mundane routine or looking for a new challenge, you're likely to be surprised to find that the solution may not be nearby but across the globe.

The following countries in Europe are some of the most popular for art classes: France, Italy, Spain.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and immerse jump on into a new culture. This is how you discover your path, the opportunity to be reborn in a new place. Experience an new world with an different position of values, a foreign language and culture. Regardless of where you come from, enrolling in an art course in a city such as Florence, Italy will stimulate your visual senses and creative enthusiasm into an rewarding new life of optimism and opportunity.

Florence is an active location for exhibitions and art festivals that is not easily matched anywhere else worldwide. The opportunities are virtually unlimited to become thoroughly familiar with the artistic, architectural, literary, and cultural accomplishments in the history of Italy. Beginning with the Galleria degli Uffizi, considered among the very best art galleries across the globe to the gothic architecture of the Duomo, a famous Florence cathedral, also known as Santa Maria del Fiore, basically every area and its culture will motivate you. It is really difficult to resist falling head over heels for the city when engulfed by a considerable amount of beauty.

The pulsating beauty of Florence has inspired famous Italian artists like Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Donatello, Masaccio, Paolo Uccello and the all-encompassing brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.The beauty is not only in aesthetics as you will get the chance to learn how to speak the Italian language by living in Italy.

Or if you prefer the chicness and style of a larger city, Paris and its equally amazing beauty will surely inspire some creative ideas from you. Complimenting its scenic natural beauty, parks and gardens, are its famous museums which include the Louvre, L'Orangerie and Orsay. These world renowned museums feature some of the city's most invaluable collections.

Furthermore, by choosing Paris, you have the opportunity to learn French in one of the most cosmopolitan, chic, and romantic cities in the world, Paris.

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