The objective of this section is to help people of all ages and backgrounds with their adventures and plans abroad experienced and inexperienced travelers.

The following are the most popular pages in our resource section

  • Currency Converter; Calculate foreign exchange rates in real-time for more than 110 foreign currencies. USD/CNY - ‎GBP/EUR - ‎USD/EUR - ‎GBP/USD - USD/CAD.

  • Travel Gadgets; A list of latest and popular electronic travel gadgets for business or pleasure.

  • Visit some great museums;  Whichever country you are going to, there is a nearby museum for you to see ancient, medieval, romance, modern, and contemporary art.

  • Wonders of the World;  A comprehensive list of the 7 modern, 7 ancient, 7 natural, and forgotten world wonders. Put these on your itinerary.

  • Photos: pictures of distant lands, foods, adventures in some amazing places.

  • Videos; Listen and see what other travelers are saying about their experience ranging from studying, teaching, or volunteering.

  • Where to Stay; If you aren't staying with friends, see some other options abroad.

  • Environmental Organizations; Learn about some important and vital environmental organizations involved with combating climate change, protecting endangered species, conserving land, water, trees, and other green causes.

  • Embassies Worldwide - full list of United States Embassies worldwide no matter what part of the world you are going to.

  • Electronic Translators - reviews of some of the best travel translators including the ones that speak back to you with common phrases that put any smart phone app to shame.

  • Gap Year Abroad - a guide that reviews options for students considering taking a break from their education and pursuing a gap year.

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