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Resumes & CV Letter Writing for International Jobs

Preparing an International Resume

Regardless of where you are in the career search, an incoming freshman or a graduating senior, you should prepare your resume immediately for possible employment. Even if you don't think you have anything important, still start to put a resume together. These are literally organic documents that you will continue to add to and edit the resume throughout your college career and beyond. The Advantage: you will always have a resume "ready", and you are less likely to forget or omit relevant experience or positions.

Once you've decided it's time to search for an overseas job position, what should you do? Well, it's time to make your resume, also known as your curriculum vitae, standout. By common practice outside the US, the term curriculum vitae, or "cv", is used instead of resume.

International Resume Choices
Very brief overview of general structural issues to consider.

Job Search Advice |

"Tips on writing your CV and cover letter in countries around the world." Includes detailed do's and don'ts and sample cvs.

Tips for Creating a Global Resume or CV

Good, general guidance, reminders, and suggestions.

Career Planning
This page offers a country-by-country guide for most of Europe with suggestions for how best to present and tailor your cv for employment in each country. An excellent resource for those looking for work in Europe.


Writing Your International Resume

"Job Application Guidelines From Five Countries” though unlike the Job Search Advice page linked to above, there are no samples included.

The above information will help you adapt much quicker and increase your awareness 

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