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For those wanting to learn basic conversational French, finding a reputable French language course surely helps, but there are several other elements that have a positive effect. Even with those top notch computer courses such as Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur or Rocket Language it is possible to pick up French a lot faster if you apply the following tips to help you.

1. You can't lose with natural conversation. Try to line up a native French speaker to practice. If you are in the U.S., your logical place to find a French person is any college that accepts foreign exchange students. Simply find out the classes they are in. They may enjoy the opportunity to help you a handful of hours every week in exchange for English at a decent rate.

2. Language Immersion. Find magazines in French. Listen to French music. Listen to French radio stations online. View movies or TV shows in French. Just get a DVD movie you like that features various languages, one being French and watch it. Don't forget to turn off the subtitles.

3. If you don't already have an exercise routine, start doing one three-to-four times every week, and right after exercising, study French for sixty minutes. Research has found that after a serious workout your brain is ready, engaged, and a complete sponge during this point in time. If you want to learn French faster this is the time you want to study.

4. If you use exercise DVDs, try to get one that same one in French.

5. Incorporate pictures and photos with audio. You will be more inclined to remember what you see and hear with visual and audio stimulants.

6. Right before going to bed, study French a little bit to keep your subconscious mind alert on learning while you're resting.

7. Don't translate English words to French. This is a common mistake and makes language acquisition take longer.

8. Learning another language doesn't happen overnight, so time and dedication is necessary and persistence is necessary. Putting in the time every day will return good results. There's really no magical time-frame where it all becomes perfect - you learn a little, you forget a little, and you learn some more.

9. Mistakes are normal when learning. Don't beat yourself up.

It's not uncommon to make a few mistakes at first. You're much better off saying a few sentences in French with good grammar than saying only two words perfectly. You need to think in ideas and sentence versus just words. There are foreigners in the U.S. who make English mistakes routinely and we think nothing of it because in their language they are used to constructing sentences a certain way.

One last note: As we all know, American English sounds different than British or Australian English. Spanish spoken in Spain, Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela will differ a lot. Many words between French and Spanish languages look exactly the same, but sound 100% completely different. As you become more proficient in speaking and hearing French, you'll soon be aware of the difference spoken in France and Quebec, Canada as well as Haiti and Africa.
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