Recently Discovered Megalithic Ruins In Russia Consists Of The Largest Stone Blocks Ever

A discovery nothing short of unbelievable was made in 2014 that thwarts traditional teachings when it comes to our planet’s past origin.  An enormous wall of granite stones was uncovered by researchers in Mount Shoria (Gornaya Shoria) located in southern Siberia, the Kemerov region in Russia.  Researchers estimated that a number of these colossal-sized granite […]

Paraiso Perdido is Another Great Spot in Southern Mexico

“Paraiso Perdido” means “Paradise Lost” in Spanish, but for visitors to this undiscovered stretch of Mexico’s Pacific coast, it will be more like Paradise Found. The Cabo Corrientes (“Cape of Currents”) region lies about an hour south of Puerto Vallarta, and marks the point where the protected and peaceful coast of Banderas Bay ends, and […]

ESL Teacher Opportunities in Latin America

Many people say anybody teaching English abroad is not doing it for the money.  Although teaching English overseas does not help one get on the list of Forbes 500, it can come with a reasonable salary. Well, let me back up there. Maybe you end up teaching a millionaire who wants to invest in one […]