louvre museum
Study Abroad in Paris and experience France
or Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom
Mt. Fuji
  Teach English in Asia
   Popular destinations for instructors include
China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam
Moai Statues
 Discover Chile, Peru, Argentina
 Take a Spanish course
Rio sugar Loaf
  Visit Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo
 Learn how to speak Portuguese
Go to Italy and visit Rome or Florence; cities filled with history,
art, culture, and amazing architecture.
  Learn Italian
africa wildlife
Help conserve the environment and
preserve wildlife on projects worldwide
museu del prado
See an art exhibit on your trip
famous masterpieces,
sculptures, and artifacts
“Adventures and New Cultural Experiences Await Overseas”

Plan a trip to a foreign country and make it into an adventure. Escape to your land of paradise.
Immerse yourself into the culture. Learn and experience exotic countries through a study abroad language course and get a new perspective.

Study Abroad

If you want a good selection of study abroad programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, or multiple semesters abroad read more...


If you have a desire to volunteer your time on a conservation project, medicine, disaster recovery, education for children, healthcare,and others, please read more

Teach English

If you enjoy teaching English to kids or adults, then you can travel and work abroad. Opportunities are available worldwide. See openings

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